Let’s RT around again: #Stolen #dog, this time in #RioMedina #TX. PLZ RT and #help #find #Nell! #JRT

My name is Nell, and I am a young, female, Jack Russell that went missing!

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I was picked up the afternoon of Monday, October 10th, 2011. The woman who took me has a heavy accent & drives a dark blue or black car. She carried me into the Rio Medina Store (Rio Medina, TX) saying she found me on the side of the road. She claimed to have tried to call the number on my collar, but they said I wasn’t their dog; however, my mom never received a call. 

Nell the JRT stolen from Rio Medina, Texas

I am about 15-20 lbs. I have a smooth, short hair coat that is all white, with a brown “mask” which covers both eyes. My ears are always erect, and one is white, while the other has brown spots. I have all four dewclaws and my paws are pink when wiped clean. My tail is docked with a “cow lick” at the very tip. I am very friendly & loving to everyone I meet except cats, mice, lizards, & bugs.

PLEASE help me find my way home! My family has all the medicine I need to SURVIVE & I know they miss me bunches!! I was wearing a hot pink DayGlo collar (polyurethane coated), with a brass tag riveted on that read: 

Nell stolen in Rio Medina, Texas


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