#Stolen #dog in #Poway #CA! #Rottweiler named Stoeger. PLZ RT!


This dog was stolen from Meagan Karnes of The Collared Scholar. She’s a dog behaviorist and trainer. Her home and business was broken into on 10/31/2011. Suspects vandalized her home and kennels and stole her personal dog, Stoeger. 

LINK TO STOEGER”S FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Find-Stoeger/301640706513691

Stoeger stolen in Poway California

“Stoeger”, 4 year old male rottweiler was stolen from the Poway ca. area the evening of 10-31-11. A police report has been filed and an investigation launched.

This dog is approx 90lbs with a very athletic build. He is not safe to handle so if you see him, please contact 619-916-6767 immediately.

He is easy to recognize – he has a strip of hair shaved from his neck due to a collar allergy. . Thank you.

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Please share this with your family, friends and neighbors…Help this boy get back home!!

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By: Oliver Alert

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2 thoughts on “#Stolen #dog in #Poway #CA! #Rottweiler named Stoeger. PLZ RT!

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