#Horse #stolen from #LaPeer #MI. Witness describes truck and suspect! PLZ RT!


Spinner stolen from LaPeer Michigan

UPDATE RECEIVED 11-12-11: “*UPDATE* An eyewitness came forward on 11-9-11 and provided a description of a rig seen picking up Spinner the morning after he went missing:

On the morning of Oct. 19th, 8:30am at the southwest corner of M24 and Norway Lake Road in Lapeer (our hayfield), a woman was seen struggling with a dark horse in the middle of our hayfield. She was of average stature, wearing a navy blue jacket, blue jeans and has dark brown hair, short.

The truck & trailer was parked on the side of Norway Lake Rd. headed east, like it was ready to pull out onto M24.

The description of the rig:

**A white 4 door dually (newer model but not brand new) with custom type black or dark grey decal/pin striping that is all over the truck.

**A big aluminum, newer gooseneck stock trailer.

The impression of the eyewitness was that this was a sharp rig, very nice set up. This is a very distinct rig.

***If you know or see this person or rig, PLEASE let us know ASAP***

If possible, get a side view photo of it and a photo of the license plate or write down the plate number(s).

DO NOT approach or confront

Take photos/info and phone:

Contact: Sherry: 586-703-0224

“SPINNER” is missing from LAPEER. He was last seen near M-24 and Norway Lake Road (west side).

Spinner is a Missouri Fox Trotter. He has a beautiful brown coat and a small white star on his forehead. He stands approximately 15 hands tall. Spinner has a short cropped mane and is shod/shoes on all four feet.

Spinner is an extremely friendly boy who loves people. He is more than a big brown horse to his family. He is a beloved family member.

Please help guide Spinner back to his loving family. Spread awareness and call 810.728.8178 or 586.703.0224 with any information.

Original post: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=312432298783052&set=a.276612039031745.89269.264553563570926&type=1&ref=nf

Original poster: http://www.facebook.com/pages/For-the-Love-of-Louie-Michigan-Lost-Pet-Lookers/264553563570926

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Help this horse get back home!!

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4 thoughts on “#Horse #stolen from #LaPeer #MI. Witness describes truck and suspect! PLZ RT!

    • Linda-
      This horse wasn’t mine. I was just trying to help get the word out about the horse in hopes of a safe return. I’m so sorry to hear about yours. Do you have a photo of your horse? I’d be happy to post info on here as well. It will go out to over 2,000 Twitter followers, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. I’m happy to help! Give me any an all info you can! My email is kennedyjules@yahoo.com. Let’s find this horrible woman who took your horse!

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