“I’m Deaf and my owner wants me dead.” #StatenIsland #help

“I’M DEAF, AND MY OWNER WANTS ME DEAD – My name is Tommy & I was dumped at the NY ACC. MY owner sent me here to die – they actually asked for me to be put down. I may be deaf, but I still have feelings. I want a home where I’m loved & belong to people who will love me & not discard me as if I was yesterday’s trash. I’m a good boy – even the shelter assessors said so. I have no aggression, only scared to death because I can’t hear what’s going on around me. I just know from the sights & smells of this place, that I’m in a bad spot. Please adopt me from the Staten Island ACC, or click on my picture & find out how to foster me. Please save me from this place – I want to live.”

I'm deaf and my owner wants me to die

Staten Island Center

Tommy A915898 –.

2 yr neutered deaf staffie. Came in as EUTH REQUEST. 45lbs Owner didn’t want the dog anymore.


Tommy is a very loving dog but apparently was not happy with the other dog in the house. He is a good boy and did well on his safer except is just OK with other dogs. He would do best as the only dog. We are trying to give this boy a chance since he is AMAZING with people and did well on his safer (see below)

Notes: Tommy is very active once out the cage and though he may not be completly accomadating to the eval he certainly is not difficult he did not settle down to complete the look version of the test but he he accepts the touch when playing tag he becomes fearful with food he allows handling with no difficulty and he showed no interest in toys or rawhide when approached by a helper dog he becomes tense and his tail is above his spine

Look: 2. Doesn’t settle pulls away from the handler three times

Sensitivity: 1. Accepts the touch his body is soft

Tag: 1. Follows at the end of the leash becomes tense

Squeeze 1/2: 1. Gently pulls away

Food: 1. Moves without pressure

Toys/ Rawhide: Shows no interest at this time

Dog to Dog: 3. Becomes tense his tail is above his spine pilo erection( the hair on the back stands up) Ears are erect

DO NOT call and say you are adopting unless you are going to go down there and get the animal. It is a waste of the staff’s time to explain the adoption procedure over the phone, for someone to purposely not show up? They need every free second of their time to care for the animals. Not to mention people will think the pet is safe and then they die. STOP IT OR I WILL TAKE DOWN THIS PAGE!!!!

Staten Island – 718-966-3608 (hit 0 for operator, do not leave a message. May need to hit 0 a few times at the end of each cycle to keep their phone ringing)!!
AC&C — Staten Island Animal Care Center
3139 Veterans Road West,
Staten Island, NY 10309
Shelter Hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm, 7 Days a Week Adoption Hours: Noon to 7:00pm, 7 Days a Week

via The Patrick Miracle.


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