Couple that stole the #mastiff from #GoldenValley #AZ are still on the run! Let’s get them! SHARE! RT! SHARE! RT!

As of November 12, 2011, these thugs and the dog they stole, are still on the run. We have to put the smack-down on people like this! Share far and wide! These people have a nice criminal history and have several alias. Their real names are Darcy and Chuck Obar. But they have been known to also use the names Darcy Amyx Obar, Darcy Lynn Obar, Darcy Lynn Amyx, Denise Lobar, Lynn Amyx, Chelsie Ray Obar.

I mean, if you have nothing to run from, you don’t really need to go by any other names that your given one, right? Are you with me?

So let’s do it for all of the dogs out there that have been stolen from their homes- let’s NAIL THIS COUPLE AND BRING GREEN GIRL HOME! 


From Kissbeep:
Take a look at this couple below. Their names are Darcy (female) and Chelsie (male) Obar and they live(d) in Golden Valley, Arizona. Their story is below. They are thieves and they stole the mastiff puppy in the picture. It is believed that they could be in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah or Nevada. There is a website made to get this puppy back and to get this couple caught.

2 thugs on the lamb for stealing a mastiff puppy

This couple agreed to purchase this Mastiff puppy and signed a contract with the breeder. Long story shorty (the full story is below), these people scammed the breeder, paid only a small portion, told the breeder the contract was ridiculous, etc. The breeder said he’d come pick up the puppy if they weren’t going to finish paying for the puppy and if they weren’t going to abide by the contract they signed. From that point on, the couple started threatening the breeder with emails. The breeder and a sheriff went to the couple’s home to get the puppy and the woman wouldn’t come to the door- instead she opened a window and was yelling at the two of them and refused to let them come in or get the puppy. Shortly thereafter, the couple was evicted from that rental home and no one knows where they are at. Apparently they have a history of conning and go by various names.

Awesome couple! I have my own choice words for people who are selfish, criminals, treat animals poorly (read about how she told the breeder that the mastiff had scabs and sores but wouldn’t take the puppy to a vet in the full story below), and who are just straight up a-holes! Yep, I said a-holes! I’m not using my filter for this couple!

From the website Let’s Get Green Girl Home

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My name is Barrie, I am from California and I breed and show Mastiffs, my kennel name is Sunstone Mastiffs and my website is

I use Facebook extensively for personal as well as business reasons as an artist, creating one of a kind jewelry pieces in sterling and mixed metals. My work is predominantly animal related and I contribute a respectable amount of my proceeds to animal rescues.

Through FB I met Darcy Obar and we developed a friendly relationship during the course of a year or so. She was someone who I thought I had a decent handle on and could trust with one of my puppies. At the time Darcy and I had over 240 common FB friends and she claimed to be involved in rescue efforts on a local as well as national basis. She also had an older Mastiff in the home (that I now suspect was stolen same as mine) as well as a rescue dog, so I was comfortable with her giant breed dog experience.

I had 2 litters in April of 2011 and held back several pups for various reasons, the puppy that Darcy now has possession of was my pick of the litter girl and I wanted her to go to a show home but was more concerned with her going to a home with Mastiff experience because she is a rambunctious puppy. When Darcy approached me and asked if I would take payments I agreed on the condition that she be shown and then spayed.

Darcy and I went over my contract on the phone the day before she and her husband drove out her for about an hour, then again the day that they arrived and yet again the following day (they spent the night in a motel) with both Chuck and Darcy and we went over the contract line by line as we signed it. At no time did either Chuck or Darcy question, disagree or have any objection to any part of the contract. Hindsight being what it is I now know that they just never had any intention of upholding thier end of the contract.

Approximately 48 hours after getting the puppy home Darcy began complaining about the contract, calling it stupid and my rules stupid and too restrictive and I immediately offered her a full refund and told her I would drive to Arizona to get the puppy, she flat refused and said she would try to abide by the contract. With in a day or so I received another complaint and again I told her I would come get the puppy, at this point her response was “no you won’t!”

Meanwhile Darcy sent me several emails complaining about the puppy having non-healing scabs and sores, yet adamantly refused to take her to the vet for her well puppy check up, as per my contract. Darcy told me that she and her husband both had a stomach bug and I extended my already generous five working day time frame giving her an extra two days to get the puppy to the vet. When the extra two days had passed I contacted her asking for the vet information per my contract and was told to get over myself and called several choice names, the emails will be posted to this site soon.

It was shortly thereafter that I made my first trip to AZ to attempt to collect the puppy. Upon arrival at Darcy’s house the Deputy and myself were met with a barrage of foul language from Darcy who refused to open the door, she only opened a front window to shout from. In front of the Deputy she screamed at me that I would never see another dime for my puppy nor would I ever see the puppy again.

I filed suit in California and then had to domesticate the CA order in AZ in order to have it served, this took over a month. During that time Darcy and her family were evicted leaving no forwarding information.

While waiting for the court orders Darcy stopped making payments as agreed and told me that I was not on her priority list and she would be in touch.

There were of course emails that were exchanged during this time frame, many of which contained sexual innuendos and threats made by Darcy. Darcy is known for using aliases and of course many of the threats were made by ‘other people’ but the language always fit Darcy’s writing style.

via The Full Story!.


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