2 million animals are stolen each year. Only 10% are reunited with their families.

Dog theft is on the rise and no dog is immune to being the next victim.

Why would anyone steal a dog? Many resell them for money, some use them to breed and make money, some sell to research laboratories for money, and some give the dog to a family or friend out of “kindness”. Some steal and hold out in hopes that a reward will be posted for the safe return and so the suspect ends up being the hero and gets the reward.

Don’t think that it can happen to you? Think again. We’re all vulnerable.

Baxter and Cooper are 9 year old neutered male Yorkshire Terriers who were taken from their home in San Antonio, Texas in April of 2011 during a home burglary. Baxter and Cooper were resting in their kennel when the robbery occurred and the thieves picked them up, inside their kennel, and took them along with other valuable items in the home. Though none of those items are as important to the home owner as these loving dogs. Baxter and Cooper have over 3,600 followers on Facebook who provide words of support and encouragement. There is a $10,000 reward for their safe return.

Baxter and Cooper


English Bulldog, Queenifer Lopez, was stolen from her home in Columbus, Ohio, in August of 2011. Outside for a pre-bedtime potty break, Queenie was taken from her own backyard. It is believed that Queenie was targeted! She was taking medication for a seizure disorder and she has a large scar on her belly from multiple surgeries.

I'm still missing from Columbus, Ohio. Will you please help keep an eye out for me?


In Green Valley, Arizona, a female English Mastiff was stolen by a couple with a rap-sheet who go by multiple names and who have up and left their home and are on the run. Darcie and Chelsie Obar are believed to be somewhere in the Four Corners (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and possibly even Nevada) with “Miss Green Girl”. This puppy isn’t going to be that easy for them to hide as Mastiff’s are a very large breed of dog. Please take a look at the flyer below and keep an eye out for this con-artist couple.

2 thugs on the lamb for stealing a mastiff puppy


This Golden Retriever puppy was taken from the owner’s yard on the south side of Waterford, Michigan on September 19, 2011. A neighbor saw a man with long hair running down the owner’s driveway but the suspect has not been caught. And the puppy has not been found.

Golden Retriever stolen from Waterford, Michigan


From Atlanta, Georgia, this Pitbull puppy named Koosh was stolen from her car at a Shell gas station on the corner of Lenora Church and Springdale on October 26, 2011. According to the flyer, this puppy was sick and taking medication at the time she was abducted.

Koosh stolen from Atlanta, Georgia

This is only a taste of what’s going on out there. This is happening ALL OVER. So how do we keep our dogs safe? Good question. Thieves can break into homes and take our most prized possession in only minutes. Your security system may sound but by the time the police arrive, the thieves are long gone without a trace. You can only hope that when your dog turns up by a good citizen, that that person takes the dog to the vet to be scanned for a microchip. So be sure to chip your pet! But that’s not a guarantee either! If the thief ends up keeping your dog, why would he/she go get it scanned? Keep up to date photos of your dog handy to create a quick, informative flyer to create, print and distribute ASAP. Contact all vets and shelters/rescues in the area and around the area- fax/email the flyer to them (better to drop it off yourself so that it’s right there in front of them). Create a Facebook page and a Twitter account and use them both like crazy! Post on ALL social media sites that you possibly can- and continue to post and re-post! Keep your dog in front of everyone!

A very sad realization is that we can’t let our dogs go play in our fenced in yards and assume they are safe. We have to be out there with them, watching them. Even if you turn your back for two minutes, someone can take your dog in that quick amount of time! Don’t believe me? Look into it! And it’s even suggested that we don’t leave our dogs in our cars- even if we lock them in (I would often pick up ice cream and lock Izzy in the car but use my self-starter to keep the air conditioning going for her). But thieves can break into our cars and take them before we are back outside with the ice cream!

If this horrible nightmare were to ever happen to you (knock on wood), wouldn’t you want every single person in the world to help you bring your dog back home to you? I know I would! I would want the world to stop, stores to close, emergency shelters set up, President Obama addressing the USA about it, road blocks, soldiers carrying rifles in the streets… you get the picture. So I ask you to PLEASE, when you see a flyer on Facebook or a tweet come through your feed on Twitter, please share it! Spreading awareness is essential! And you know it only takes a couple of clicks to get the job done!

For the dogs missing above, please visit their websites or Facebook pages and follow their stories. Do what you can to help them out. You never know when you will need the support of the loving dog community.

Prevent Pet Theft: After You Adopt General: After You Adopt.


2 thoughts on “2 million animals are stolen each year. Only 10% are reunited with their families.

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  2. Stealing dogs has become a bit of a popular pastime here in Australia as well, I’m not sure if it has always been this bad or if social network sites and blogs such as yours enable us to bring attention to the problem. It is truly disgusting, there are so many dogs waiting in shelters for someone to love them, yet people still steal the beloved pets of others. I don’t even want to think about what happens to some of the dogs, love what you’re doing to raise awareness.

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