#Missing #BrusselsGriffon in #DesMoines #IA! PLZ RT! #Help #find #Pickle!

Des Moines, IA: Missing Fem Brussels Griffon, 515-289-6632

Please help spread the word.

Pickles missing from Des Moines

“Pickle” is a spayed female, 15-lb, Brussels Griffon with a long blondish coat, floppy ears, and a beard. She was last seen running south on SW 5th St in Des Moines. She was wearing her floral collar with tags.

“Pickle” is a puppy-mill survivor; she is skittish/nervous. Please do NOT chase her. Please note the time of day and the location then contact her owner, Deb asap.

24/7 Contact: Deb Anderson ~ (515) 289-6632 ~ debjandy04@gmail.com

*Note: Her microchip has traveled to the left side of her chest.

Thank you for all YOU do to help our Lost/Stolen/Missing/Abandoned/FOUND dogs!

Please visit http://www.msd-alert.org/MSDA-GetTheWordOut.html for tips, suggestions, recommendations for those searching for Missing/Stolen/Lost/Abandoned Animals.

Terri Richards

Founder, Missing Small Dog Alert!

terri@msd-alert.org, http://www.msd-alert.org

facebook.com/MSDAlert, twitter.com/MSDAlert

MSDA YahooGroup: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/missingdogalert/

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via Missing Small Dog Alert.


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