#Shadow and #Bailey missing from #Branford #FL!

Help Bring Shadow and Bailey Home. (Please follow them on Facebook!)

Shadow and Bailey went missing on April 21, 2011 from Branford, Florida.

Shadow is a black lab mix with a white chest and Bailey is a brown and white hound dog. Any information is greatly appreciated. Please contact me via email at apostolicgirl88@gmail.com or call 386-935-3100. Thank you. There is a reward offered for their return.

Shadow and Bailey missing from Branford FL

Shadow is 3 years old and Bailey is 6 years old. I raised them both from little tiny puppies and miss them terribly. They are like my children.

Both are neutered males. Shadow is not wearing a collar. If he has one on someone else put it on him. Bailey SHOULD have a red or blue collar on. Unless it has been removed.

If you know where they are or know who has them, I just want them back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Thank you for your help.


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