Searching for Beauty in #Errol NH. Other #lost #dog was killed. Need #volunteers to help! PLZ RT!

Beauty is 3 1/2 years old. Mostly black with some brown underneath her body with some white on her chest and paws. She is about 60-70 pounds and medium to large in height. Beauty lives in Errol, NH….about a 10 minute drive from Maine, 40 minutes from Vermont and less than an hour from the Canadian border.

Ella Logan— at Errol, NH. Could use some help searching if anyone is near this area. Thank you.

Beauty lost in Errol NH

Here’s the full story from the Owner, Ella Logan: 

$1000.00 REWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beauty has been missing since November 11, 2011 at around 3:30PM.

“My backyard is completely fenced in, but we had a storm recently that obviously caused a part of the earth in a section of the fence to “give in” allowing them to dig enough to crawl and escape from underneath. I was preparing their food when this happened. It happened within 5 minutes.

4 dogs got out.

1 dog I found after an hour on her way back to my house.

1 dog returned while I was out searching; he was at the steps when I came back.

The other two, Beauty and Bear, were still missing and there were some sightings of them in the area. Once I arrived there…nothing.

3 nights ago, I received a phone call that Bear was hit and killed and was in the road. He was about 1/2 mile from my house. Beauty has been sighted since, but she is very afraid to come out.

I have hiked, posted flyers everywhere, contacted police, game warden, wildlife refuge, animal hospitals, shelters….you name it I have covered it. I have purchased night vision gear to go out tonight and hike the trails in the area she was last seen. I feel she may be resting during the day and active at night. Where she is believed to be is an area where she cannot get back to my house via the woods. She would have to get on the roads and if she saw Bear get hit, maybe she is shying away from the road.

I do not know what else to do. If I had more people who were wiling to do footwork with me, I could cover much more ground and faster. Right now, it’s only me and Neil. Neither of us can get much sleep, no appetite, blisters, bruises, stress, anxiety, etc. I rescued Beauty’s mother and discovered she was pregnant. They all have been my life from day 1. I will do almost anything to have her back home to safety. I cannot grieve over Bear, because I am forced to stay completely focused on searching for Beauty.”

via Granite State Dog Recovery.


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