Black #Basenji mix #missing in #Encinitas #CA! Shy, timid, 3 legs. PLZ RT! #dog #SanDiego #Manchester ave


Mills missing in Encinitas CA

“Mills” went missing in northern San Diego on 11-13-11. She is a black Basenji mix with 3 legs. She is a very shy, timid dog. Scared of people but very passive and sweet.

She took off from Manchester ave off of the 405 in Encinitas, northern San Diego. They back up to open space. If you see her please call animal control, don’t chase her because she will just run. She had a hard beginning she was street dog from China at the beginning of her life. She is part of our family. She is loved and we are waiting for her to come back.

PLs. contact with any info. or sightings: 415-515-6451, also email is

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Please share this with your family, friends and neighbors…Help this dog get back home!!

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