Drake is an #EnglishBulldog looking for a family to #adopt! Fostered in #Decatur #IA! #whatacutie


English Bulldog: An adoptable dog in Decatur, IL

Medium • Adult • Male

Drake the English Bulldog

Hi Friends! My name is Drake! I am a beautifully wrinkled 2 year old bully boy that recently found myself without a home OR a family! In fact, my so-called family dumped me at a high kill shelter in Illinois. After just 3 short days, they were ready to euthanize me. It was so scary! I am so thankful to a nice lady named Sonja that works there, because she somehow convinced them to let me live another day, which was just enough time for her to find IEBR! Before I knew it, I was on the road to my foster home in Iowa! One minute I was facing death and the next minute I had my whole life in front of me to be happy, healthy, and loved! Things are looking up and Ive decided to take this opportunity to find myself a family that actually deserves to have me. Thats where you come in.

Drake the English Bulldog

If you think you would love to have a 60lb. happy-go-lucky handsome guy with a smashed face and curly tongue to be your best friend, Im your guy! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I am super friendly and sociable. I absolutely love all three of my foster siblings. We do everything together we play together (we are very gentle and silly), we sleep together (a lot), and we eat together (I try to eat their food in addition to my own, but I get in trouble when I do that but hey, I like to eat!). We were immediate buddies. In addition to loving other dogs, I also adore humans very much. Im working on some basic manners, but Im actually a very well-behaved boy. Its just little things like jumping up on people when I get excited that Im learning not to do. I also like to mark but Im sure I wont feel the need to do that anymore after I am fixed. I am playful at times, but I am also very calm and laid back. I am easy going and I dont get too worked up about things. I am really affectionate. Now that Ive found a foster family that actually loves and cares about me, I want to be sure I show them how much I appreciate it! So I snuggle up to them and make sure I show them that I love them back. I also like to stay close when we are outside in the yard. I just dont want to lose my people again!

Drake the English Bulldog

When I was dumped at the shelter, I was in pretty rough shape physically. My old family didnt take care of me. Right now I have a severe fungal skin infection with a secondary bacterial infection, so Im on multiple antibiotics for that. I also get a medicated shampoo bath and soak every other day until I am all healed up. I dont really like my baths, but I am a really good boy anyway. I go through the motions just to appease my foster mom. She appreciates it! I am also on Prednisone, which Ill be on for a while until Im better too. I have ear infections and an eye infection, so I have eye drops and ear solution that I get for those little issues. Im also getting rid of an intestinal infection, but the antibiotics and special hamburger and rice diet Im on is taking effect. I am feeling SO much better! Thankfully, theres nothing wrong with me that cant be fixed! I am already feeling a ton better and I just know that I will continue to feel great with all this good treatment Im getting. Im already scheduled for my neuter surgery on Nov. 17 and I might need entropion surgery on my left eye at the same time. Ill also get my vaccinations and microchip that day. I will be all buffed and puffed and ready to go to my new home very soon, so get those applications in! My foster mom and dad tell me what a handsome boy I am underneath this mess of an exterior! They think Im cute and beautiful anyway, but they also know how much MORE awesome I will look when Im feeling better! They are so excited to see me develop into the beautiful boy I am. I have a thousand wrinkles, which makes them say I look like a Sharpei in the body but a bulldog in the face! I think Sharpeis are cute, so hey, Ill take the compliment! I must say that I do have an incredible number of wrinkles.

Im really looking forward to being adopted. I have a lot of love in me and Im excited to share it with some new people that will care about and take care of me for the rest of my life! I hope to receive your application soon, but until then, Im living it up in IEBR foster care!

Love, Drake

If you are interested in Drake, please visit our website and fill out an application to adopt: http://www.ilenglishbulldogrescue.org Drake’s adoption fee is: $600

Email: info@ilbulldog.org

Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1122374734%26v=feed%26story_fbid=1162519659476#/pages/Illinois-English-Bulldog-Rescue/114313166041?ref=ts

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