Paws that smell like Frito’s?

Izzy’s feet smell like concrete to me. But I hear so often that dog paws smell like Frito‘s! Absurd! But apparently there’s something to this! Read the article below from Petside. 

Do your dog’s paws smell like corn chips?

Corn-chip smelling paws

Dogs give off a myriad of different smells (particularly when they’ve rolled in something or gotten soaking wet), but most pawsies give off a corn chip aroma.

The smell is probably due to the naturally occurring bacteria and yeast that collect in the moist folds and pockets of the feet. One possible culprit, the common bacterium Proteus, is known for its particularly yeast-y scent. Or it could be the fruitier-smelling bacterium Pseudomonas. Both bacteria are harmless and do not require treatment unless the odor is overpowering, which could be a sign of an infection.

Paw smell ranges from full-on Frito factory, to tortilla to pop corn. Interesting how the aroma falls squarely in the “salty snacks” category! I caught a whiff of it on Millie for the first time the other night … is it wrong to admit that I sort of like it?

via Dogs: Corn Chip Paw Smell | Petside.


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