Asking for support from the #dog community. Will you PLEASE RT this, and share elsewhere? @FindSassafras

Hey friends-

The cold days have set in and there are missing dogs and cats out there, fending for themselves. I’m very thankful to all of you who help spread the word about these missing pets- my posts alone can’t spread awareness like the entire dog community can together. Can I ask for your help once again? I would love it if we could find Sassafras, the missing beagle in the D.C. area. The family has been searching for her since she ran off in April 2011. They’ve flyered the heck out of the DC area (so much so that people have complained!! Can you believe that??), called every shelter and vet office, made a video documentary, walked miles on foot, driven countless hours, used social media, have been on the local and national news (thanks Anderson Cooper!), and have shed an enormous amount of tears.

On top of all of that, they still receive prank calls from both children and adults, saying they have or have seen Sassafras. How much more agony does a family need?

My heart aches so badly when I hear of a lost pet and that’s why I try to help by posting information on these lost animals. But I’m in the midwest- not even close to D.C.! I wish I were closer so that I could physically  help in the search for Sassafras. But I’m doing what I can, from where I’m at. Can you please do the same?

If you have friends in the D.C. area who  might be able to help in the search for Sass, would you forward this information to them, with a personal note from you, asking for their help? Temperatures are only going to get worse, much worse, and so  it’s urgent that we try to bring these lost ones home.

You can subsribe to Find Sassafrass email list to receive important updates when they have a sighting. They could use your help. They have small children at home which makes it even more difficult for them to get up and leave when there’s a sighting. Please, I am begging, will you please help blast this information out?

With deep gratitude for your help,

Juli (Izzy’s mom)


Follow their blog: Find Sassafras, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Latest update on Sassafras, November 19, 2011:

Find Sassafras

A Check of Chevy Chase Circle with Sam and Salsa.

by Find Sassafras on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 5:30pm
We asked Sam and Salsa to come check Chevy Chase Circle for us today, hoping that it was still an active enough site for Sassafras that Salsa could pick up a scent there. Unfortunately, in three loops around the circle, Salsa didn’t find any trace of Sassafras.

Sam was quick to point out that we’ve been having the coldest weather Sass has faced, and that the Circle is open and paved, making it a cold spot — and thus sort of unattractive to a dog trying to stay warm. It’s possible that the cold will limit Sass’ roaming a bit, if she’s found a warm place to den for a bit (although it is unlikely to change her overwhelming pattern of movin’ on all the time).

Sam, after finishing at the Circle with us, was on her way to check on a sighting of Olivia – so we really hope Salsa was able to confirm that sighting.

A bunch of volunteers took flyers today, and we’re re-flyering and updating in the Chevy Chase neighborhoods where Sassafras gets spotted the most in addition to the eastern side of Rock Creek Park. Thank-you!

Please keep thinking good thoughts – this would definitely be a week we’d be thankful to have our Sassy girl back home with us.



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