Did you lose your #ShihTzu during 2009 flood?? READ THIS! Plz RT!

Found after the flood of 2009 (Mein Mitchell subdivision)

Hiram, Georgia

Date: 2011-11-23, 12:21PM EST

Reply to: comm-cfju9-2717311108@craigslist.org

A male Shih Tzu was found after the flood of 2009 in the area of the Mein Mitchell subdivsion, Hiram. This little dog has a microchip but has not been registered. He has apparently gone through several homes/owners and is now with me. I think this little fella really misses his family and would love to be reunited with them. If this is your dog, and you can provide me with the microchip number, detailed description of his color, etc, and verification that he belongs to you, I would be happy to return him. If his owner if not found, he does have a FOREVER home with me. There is a distinct feature about this little dog that only his true owner would know and I’ll know if he belongs to you. Do not reply to this ad unless you are the owner and you are willing to leave your phone number. We are very attached to this little fella but want to the the right thing, which is return him.

via Found after the flood of 2009.


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