#Pitbull #missing from #SantaAna #CA. Seen taken by 3 people. Distinctive markings. PLZ RT! #Help #Calee

Calee is a NOW NINE month old black and white pitbull who was lost in Santa Ana, California on Wednesday July 27th 2011. she has been seen being taken by three people. she had a collar with her owners number on it but was never returned. we are going to do whatever it takes to bring her home to her loving family where she was spoiled everyday.

Calee missing from Santa Ana California

Calee would wake up in the mornings in bed with her mom and dad and she would sleep in until it was time to go to work. She hated when it was time to get dressed(put on her collar) and she grunted and stretched when we would walk to the door. Calee would go on runs with us around back bay and when she was tired we would run with her in our arms. When calee would go to petco she would walk down the isle with all of the bones and she got to pick out the one she wanted and carry it around the store with her. When I wanted to go to the beach we would always go to the dog beach just so calee could go. Calee loved watching prison break with us and she loved car rides around town. She always sat in the back seat of my celica but had her two front paws on the middle console and would kiss our cheeks when we looked at her. She loved playing with us on the grass in our apartments and she loved all the new toys we would get her.

How many people go to a fair and bring home stuffed animals for their dog? Calee acted more like a human than an animal and she knew it. She thought she was able to run around town and come back home. She didn’t think bad people would take her from her loving family. She is helpless now.. How can she get home? I can only do so much. These people who have her need to realize that it’s not only not fare to the people who love and raised her but it’s not fare to calee because yeah she may be fun to have around but when she goes to sleep at night she’s dreaming of being between her parents in her comfy bed. I hope the person who has her reads this. And realizes they made a mistake. I will never wish this feeling on anyone.. Come home calee ♥

Calee missing from Santa Ana California

via Help Find 6 mth pitbull “Calee” my therapy dog.


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