HORRIFIC UPDATE: KENNY FOUND DEAD. Original post: #Lost #dachshund in #Killeen #TX! PLZ RT to #help #find #Kenny!

November 24, 2011: Kenny has been found but not how anyone would want to find their dog. My heart goes out to Kenny and his family. Heres’s a note from the Facebook wall of Please Help Find Kenny:

“Just a quick note to let everyone know that I found out what happened to my Kenny and I was able to bring him home tonight and lay him to rest here with us. Kenny is finally home. Not how I had hoped, but my baby is finally home. I want to thank everybody for their support and prayers. I made some awesome friends through this ordeal and I would not have made it through this without everyone of you. I lost a lot of faith in mankind finidng out that my sweet Kenny was brutally murdered and dumped like garbage, but looking back over this page and all the support, I realize there are still some good people left in this world. Thank you all so much for being there for me and Kenny.”

Original post: 

~STILL MISSING~ “Kenny” Killeen,TX last seen on 11/2/11.

Kenny missing in Killeen Texas

Kenny is an English cream tan/brown long haired Dachshund with blue eyes

Anybody with any info or sightings please call 254-394-4812

via Lost Paws Finder.


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