Home robbery and thieves took these dogs! PLZ HELP! PLZ RT! $10,000 #reward! #Christmas money!

If you follow Find Baxter and Cooper on Facebook, then you are well aware of the long road that Peggy (mom/Owner) has been on since her home was broken into in April.

In San Antonio, Texas, Peggy’s home was broken into during broad daylight in April 2011. Many items were stolen but the most important ones were her two male Yorkshire Terriers, Baxter and Cooper. Were they sold for money? Were they given as a gift? No one knows. But the reward is $10,000 to the person who can bring them home safely – no questions asked! Seriously.. no questions asked! Just bring them home! Surely someone could use this cash this time of year.

Please do what you can and share this information with anyone and everyone. They  may or may not be in Texas. And whomever has them now may not know that they were stolen.

Find Baxter and Cooper


4 thoughts on “Home robbery and thieves took these dogs! PLZ HELP! PLZ RT! $10,000 #reward! #Christmas money!

  1. Lynn from Philadelphia,If the people who have taken these innocense babies,Please,please!!!!!!! have a heart if anything else and return them.These babies are older in age they are very loved they have no idea what’s going on,all they know is they are not with their mommy the only person they have known since they were babies!!!!Put your self in their shoes or better yet if you have a child image what it would do to them and if you don’t have a child,image if you were a child how very hurt and upset you would be.Please this is one of god’s innocense babies and god don’t like ugly you will never have any luck in life,I truly beleive this.So please make something so heart breaking right they don’t want the material thing’s you took as you can see.And they are even willing ti give a reward for something you took from them,so image how desprate they are!!!!Have a heart please!!!! I hope god is with you and you make the right choice I will pray for you!!!!! Lynn from Philadelphia

  2. Dear Peggy,My name is Lynn im from Philadelphia and I’m the proud owner of a seven year old chihuahua named Lola,she is my life she was raised and treated just like one of my babies!! I also swear dogs are so loving they will be there for you before one of your human friends are family member’s,love you unconditional,apreciate you,be there for you when time’s are unbareable,loyal I can go on and on.I hate hearing stories like this it hit’s my heart so bad,I really wish I could be out there helping in anyway I could.But I promise you one thing you and your little babies,are in my heart and alway’s on my mind!!! I will pray every day for you and your babies in hoping they are returned safe and healthy bake in your arm’s where they belong!!!!God bless you and your babies…….lynn from Philadelphia…..

  3. Thank you for taking the time to post this information. I am Peggy – the owner of adorable Baxter and Cooper. I feel as if I was murdered on 4/22/11 – like my life is over….my babies are my life – anyone who knows me knows that my babies mean the world to me…….I’m only going on in hopes of getting my babies back……why anyone would do this is beyond me. I don’t know – my babies are going to be 10 years old…..I don’t care about anything else that was taken from my home – the devastation has not even allowed me to file my insurance claim – it’s just not important :-(…..only finding my babies is important. Crime Stoppers is now involved……I personally have a $5,000 no questions asked reward for their safe return (but now I’m also paying for information about my burglary)…..crime stoppers will pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible. For the record – I have drained all my funds in this search – so if any thugs happen to get hold of this message – please don’t think I’m sitting here with money to give away………I have nothing to my name at this point …….my $5,000 reward was collected my wonderful friends……

    • Peggy-
      Thanks for your note.

      Since I became aware of your home robbery back in April, your story has changed my life. I’m devastated for you. I can only imagine what you are going through and that alone pains me to the point where I’m actually scared shitless to leave my dog home alone. Because of you, I started this blog to help spread awareness of lost/missing and stolen dogs. My dream/goal is to start a volunteer search network in the midwest to help spread awareness and search for missing dogs. There are some similar groups out there (one in the Seattle area) but that’s not enough.

      Since Baxter and Cooper were taken, I can’t think straight- I have become very paranoid about my Izzy. If something happened to her, I would die. And I know that’s how you feel and the reason you haven’t ended it is because you know that they need you. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I were in San Antonio with you- not that it would help you or anyone for me to be there- but just because when there is an emergency, it’s best to be right there in the heart of the matter.

      Your Facebook page is proof that humans are wonderful! But then when I think about the person(s) who took your dogs, I lose all faith in mankind. Who could do such a thing? And why? It is so incredibly disturbing and disgusting to me. And yet it’s become more common. How do we stop it? How do we prevent it? Who’s next?

      Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and your boys. I have to believe that we will find them because life can’t be like this. We cannot accept this! It’s one thing for someone to come into our home and take items of monetary value (and often personal too). But it’s a whole ‘nother thing when they come in and take a living, breathing animal away from us. THAT’S WRONG and they will pay. Period.

      I will continue to help spread awareness from here in the midwest until your boys are back home. We WILL find them. There’s no other option.

      Thanks again for your note.

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