#Lab mix #missing from #Franklin #TN. Owner fighting #cancer. PLZ RT! #Help reunited them! #SkippyLou


Franklin, TN.

From Lost Paws Finder:

I understand that the owner is battling cancer.”Skippy Lou” is a medium-sized Lab Mix who is Golden-Brown/Copper/Tan in color with a white muzzle and liver colored nose. She has gold eyes and blond eyelashes. She is medium sized and when lost was about 55 pounds. Due to time lost, she may be thinner now or her appearance may have drastically changed. Skippy Lou has been missing over ten weeks now.

She was last seen wearing a pink collar w/ blue & purple polka-dots with tags – but those may be gone now. She is skittish so please do not chase if seen. We are desperate to get her home or to have any and all information about her. Please call even if you *think* that you may have her or know what happened to her. Please call at any time: (615) 772-7368 or (713) 392-4734.

via Lost Paws Finder.

Skippy Lou missing from Franklin Tennessee


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