#Aussie loose in #Fayetteville #NC on #Methodist #University! Running for 2 months! PLZ RT! WE NEED HELP!

ATTENTION FAYETTEVILLE NC!!! Do you recognize this dog? Tricolor Aussie?

Aussie in Fayetteville North Carolina

There is a beautiful Aussie loose on the campus of Methodist University. He’s been spotted on the grounds for approx. two months now. Animal Control has been unable to catch him. He’s beautiful, but very dirty and very matted. He’s nervous but seems friendly. I’ve tried to get him in my car so I can get him to a safe warm place. He’s wearing a black collar. The temperature here is dropping quickly. I don’t know how much longer he will stand it. Animal control will only go out once a day “IF” someone calls them. It’s heartbreaking to see this. I don’t know what else I can do to help this pup. THIS IS A DESPERATE ATTEMPT FOR HELP!

Australian Shepherd Club of America

via Lost & Found Dogs – North Carolina.


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