Retired search n rescue dog needs rescue! #Lost in #DelMar #CA! #BorderCollie. PLZ RT! #Help# #Puck!

He is a retired decorated Search and Rescue Dog who has saved lives (oh, poor guy needs rescue now!)

Puck missing from Del Mar California

He is trained to not allow anyone touch him. This is because in rescue situations, people panic and grab at the rescue dog, etc. He only responds to Paul and his girlfriend, Anna.

Paul’s girlfriend, Anna was with Puck at Del Mar Dog Beach on Thursday, July 14. Between 7-8 pm .. when the waves came in, Anna, went up on the rocks so she wouldn’t be engulfed by the waves. Puck just went up the beach and waited at the street for her. A good Samaritan thought he was a stray and tried to approach him and “save” him. But, Puck, knowing he is not allowed to be touched, scooted away, which then made the good Samaritan chase him. He ended up getting chased all the way up Via De La Valle Rd and into the Flower Hill Shopping Center where Puck then disappeared.

Paul does not live in this area, so it is not likely Puck would find his way home.

Puck is trained to walk on the sidewalks, wait at the intersections and look both ways for cars. This is a very smart boy.

Although he is not scared of people, he knows he needs to keep his distance.

He is not treat motivated but goes crazy for frizbees.

He loves horses.

Puck is Paul’s “soulmate pet.” They have been together for 7 years now and Paul is devastasted.


via Bring Puck Home.


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