Hon, you got a little sumthin’ on your lip. The lower lip.

Izzy likes her queso. So much so that she’s saving a little for later.


We need to prosecute people who attend animal fights! Help make this happen! @TheAnimalRescue

Animal fighting is illegal but let’s not be stupid- they still happen! As long as there are people who want to watch them, they will continue to occur. Please help put a stop to animal fighting altogether by signing this petition to punish those holding the animal fights as well as those attending! It will take you less than one minute to enter your name and email address in support of this. I think we can all give ONE MINUTE to something this important!


The Animal Rescue Site


#EnglishSetter #hero has gone #missing in #Webberville / #Fowlerville #MI area! PLZ RT! #HELP!

This dog alerted her family of a situation that could have been fatal! Now she’s in need of our help!! PLEASE SHARE! – Juli


Beautiful GRACE is still missing from the WEBBERVILLE/FOWLERVILLE area. She is a 7 year old English Setter hero. From Grace’s family:

“This is the dog some of you may remember ‘saved our lives’ in 2006 from the carbon monoxide furnace situation. It was in the Livingston County Press and her and my Ice dog were recognized by the Red Cross and honored for it”.

It’s time to Paw it Forward. We need to safely return Grace to her beloved family! Please continue to share this sweet girl! Call 517.521.4028 with any information.

via For the Love of Louie *Michigan Lost Pet Lookers*.

Grace the English Setter Hero missing from Michigan

What? Christmas is over? No more presents? No more wrapping paper?

Izzy had a GREAT holiday! She slept 9 hours straight last night and has been resting all day today. Don’t feel sorry for her- she had the time of her life! She played, opened gifts, ate food that she shouldn’t have, played some more….

I love to tear up wrapping paper!


Playing with wrapping paper is so much fun!

Would you fill this thing with peanut butter please?

Don't be impressed- I can actually fit three in here.

What? What do you mean that Christmas is over?

#Missing from #Eldridge #IA! #IrishSetter last seen near #ScottCounty Park, north of #Davenport! PLZ RT! #Help!

This lost dog post is from Granite State Dog Recovery.

Missing from Eldridge, Iowa!

This  4 1/2 year old female Irish Setter went missing from the Scott County Park in Eldridge, Iowa (nine miles north of Davenport) on Monday, December 19. She has urgent medical needs! PLEASE help get the word out about this sweet girl!

If you know ANYTHING, please call Patti at 309-787-6830 extension 13 or email at patt@qcawc.org. Owners are offering a $1000 reward for her safe return!

Irish Setter missing from Eldridge Iowa



I’m seckxsay and I know it!

Look at that sensuous sit! Work it, Izzy, work it!

Can’t get enough of this cute little face.

Izzy and I are ready for bed and just before turning the light off, as always, I give her a kiss on her little cheek. I look at her and just smile. She makes me unbelievably happy. I had to take a picture of her cute, tired self because, well, I think it’s been 24 hours since my last photo of her. 🙂

I love this girl with all my heart. She brings me more joy than I will ever be able to express. I live to make her happy and I know she does the same for me. Without her, I am nothing but a weak mess.

Thanks for the strength and happiness that you bring to my life, Izzy. You are more than special to me.