Cutest cuddly photo! LUV! LUV! LUV! Mr Handsome Bloo!

This photo stole my heart! In the center, wearing the cone of shame, is Bloo the pitbull. He just had a very important procedure done at the vet office (uh-umm.. you know… the procedure). His siblings are cuddled up so tightly to him! It’s just love, love, love!

Mr Handsome Bloo

The white French Bulldog is his little sister, Bella, and the tan Chihuahua is his older sister, Lola (the boss of everyone!). Now come on, how stinkin’ cute is this photo, huh?

I didn’t want to leave any siblings out and Bloo has an older brother, Bailey, a German Shepherd who isn’t in the photo above. So here he is below, all cute with his favorite duck.


Mr Handsome Bloo.


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