UPDATE: SPINNER’S BODY FOUND! Original post: #Spinner the #horse #stolen from #Lapeer #MI is still #missing! Read for updated info! PLZ RT!


December 3, 2011:  Spinner’s body has been found close to the area he was last seen grazing. He had a fractured leg. It is not known how long he was there but the Owner and several others had walked that area several times in search of him before. When and if more information becomes available, I will keep you up to date. – Juli

Original post:

This is “Spinner”, a Missouri Fox Trotter.

Spinner the horse stolen from Lapeer Michigan

He has been missing since Tuesday October 18th, 2011. He was last seen in the field next to his pasture at the corner of M-24 and Norway Lake Road (west side), Lapeer, MI. He’s chocolate brown with a small white star on his forehead. He stands around 15 hands tall. His forelock and tail is probably covered in burs and has a short cropped mane. He is shod/has shoes on all 4 feet. He’s super friendly and loves people. This horse is a member of our family and is very much missed by the young girl who owns him. Any information you have on him would be greatly appreciated…no questions asked. We just want him to come home.

Contact us anytime, day or night: Katie: 810.728.8178 Sherry: 586.703.0224.

Follow Spinner on Facebook: Friends of Spinner.

Follow Spinner on his website.

Spinner stolen from Lapeer Michigan

From their website:
REPORT: Spinner escaped his pasture on the afternoon of October 18, 2011, near the corner of M24 and Norway Lake Rd in Lapeer. He was spotted loose between 4pm and 7:30pm in the fields behind the pasture by both a neighbor and a hunter. Family immediately searched after a 7:30 notification from the hunter, but no signs were found.

Another independent eyewitness reports that about 8:30am on October 19, she saw a woman leading a dark horse in the hayfield north of Spinner’s pasture – with a truck/trailer parked facing east on Norway Lk Rd, near M24.

Eyewitness description:
  • Newer white dually truck with custom type dark grey or black graphics/decal/striping (not lettering)
  • Newer large aluminum gooseneck stock trailer
  • Woman was alone, average size, short brown hair, navy blue jacket, blue jeans

Sign for stolen horse in Lapeer Michigan


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