#EnglishSetter #hero has gone #missing in #Webberville / #Fowlerville #MI area! PLZ RT! #HELP!

This dog alerted her family of a situation that could have been fatal! Now she’s in need of our help!! PLEASE SHARE! – Juli


Beautiful GRACE is still missing from the WEBBERVILLE/FOWLERVILLE area. She is a 7 year old English Setter hero. From Grace’s family:

“This is the dog some of you may remember ‘saved our lives’ in 2006 from the carbon monoxide furnace situation. It was in the Livingston County Press and her and my Ice dog were recognized by the Red Cross and honored for it”.

It’s time to Paw it Forward. We need to safely return Grace to her beloved family! Please continue to share this sweet girl! Call 517.521.4028 with any information.

via For the Love of Louie *Michigan Lost Pet Lookers*.

Grace the English Setter Hero missing from Michigan


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