FOUND!! Thanks to those who shared! #FrenchBulldog #lost in #LongIsland #NY! PLZ RT! #Help find Spanky! @imabug4eva @stellabella124

Please share this information with your network! Spanky the male French Bulldog is missing from Long Island, NY. If you have any information, PLEASE contact 631-300-7846 or @imabug4eva. Thanks in advance for helping find Spanky!

Spanky lost in Long Island NY


Like #dog #art? Then you have to see @robtmcclintock ‘s work! #EnglishBulldogs #FrenchBulldogs #Pitbulls #Rottweilers #Yorkies #CockerSpaniels and many more!

I just returned from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and while browsing the shops on Main Street, I discovered the coolest artist! His name is Robert McClintock and he paints dogs! No, sorry, let me rephrase that. He doesn’t paint dogs, he paints pictures of dogs. They are really, really good! Fun, loving, doting, funny… all right-on, if you ask me! And surprisingly not too expensive (you can get unframed pictures for under $100). He does custom work too but that’s just for those of you who can afford to pay at least $1,800!

Here’s just a little taste! Hit his website, Facebook and Twitter! He has a lot of other breeds to see!

English Bulldog by Robert McClintock

English Bulldog

Rottweiler, Robert McClintock


Boxer, Robert McClintock


Boston Terrier, Robert McClintock

Boston Terrier

French Bulldog, Robert McClintock

French Bulldog

Pit Bull, Robert McClintock

Pit Bull


#Dog lovers- #help! #Jake was lost, turned into shelter & PTS b4 trying 2 find family! PLZ RT! Send an email!

OMG this is a nightmare that could happen to ANY of us dog owners. So I’m asking that each of you PLEASE take a couple of minutes to send an email to express your anger/disgust with this shelter. Your email might be what it takes for change to happen… necessary change that could save the life of YOUR dog. The email addresses are at the very bottom but in case you can’t wait, here are the addresses: and copy – Juli


I’ve copied the story below from the Facebook page of Michigan found strays and owner unclaimed Dogs in shelters: 


Jake killed by the Macomb County Animal Shelter

Date: 2012-01-28, 10:11AM EST
Reply to:
To all pet owners who have a lost pet, if you have lost a pet please go and check all of the shelters on a every other day basis.We lost our shepard in december supposedly he was picked up and takin to the macomb co animal control,upon arriving to claim him they could not find any paperwork on him or our dog??? thinking that maybe the person got the facility confused with another one ,we called all surrounding shelters/and pounds,no jake? We arrived back home then my wife got a phone call from “sue” the suupervisor at the macomb facility and she stated that jake was indeed brought in there and was put down because he was being aggresive towards office staff! and that she found the paperwork. We are now looking for an attorney that will help us out on this. also when arriving at the facility all office staff were acting like they had never seen our dog between like 5-6 people and no one remembered seeing jake a purebreed shepard??????? somebody is covering something up!! so if you have a missing pet and you call and are told your certain breed is not there,DONT BELIEVE THEM GO LOOK TRUST ME! there are to many unanswered questions about this situation so we will contact an attorney to resoive this matter and if nothing else,to see what we can do about these “kill” shelters! and after digging a little deeper we also discovered that they violated 2 codes and possibly more? we cannot afford an attorney but i will beg,borrow,or steal to get one we are extremely furious and will get to the bottom of this. Please once again,do not azsume these shelters are telling you the truth. thank you for reading.
Location: genesee,lapeer,macomb co. 


Another post from the same Facebook page:


CHANGE only happens when we stand up and make a loud noise. Think about that, between all of the lost and found pages there are probably over 10,000 of us. This is not an isolated mistake this crap happens all the time and could happen to anyone looking for their missing dog at any shelter!!!

Jake killed by the Macomb County Animal Shelter

Please send your email to the Chief Animal Control Office, Sue Jeroue at and copy the City of Macomb’s Executive Mark Hackel at This is the website to the shelter. DO SOMETHING. Together, we can make change! -Juli

I love you to the moon!!

My first night away from my baby girl and I’m experiencing some major separation anxiety! I know she’s having the time of her life with Max and is probably too busy having fun to even miss me. She makes me so flipping happy- I can’t help but want to be with her ALL THE TIME!

Miss you, Iz. Love you to the moon!!

Such a kissable face- I just want to eat her up!!

I can barely take my eyes off of my cute self!

Ok so that’s not entirely true. MAMA can’t take her eyes off of me! It’s exhausting being this cute.

Oops- too close.

Just me and this red ball. That’s all I need. Oh and someone to try and get it from me.