#Stolen #deaf #puppy in #ManhattanBeach #CA! #Boxer / #AmericanBulldog mix. PLZ RT! #Help!

STOLEN DEAF PUPPY, Manhattan Beach, California

The reward amount has increased for the safe return of a three-month-old special needs puppy named “Harmony,” who was stolen from a family vehicle Tuesday in Manhattan Beach.

Harmony, a Boxer-American Bulldog mix was adopted just before Christmas by a family with four sons. “It is just a dog to some people,” says Patrick Thomasson. “But to us, it was an instant part of our family.”Thomasson had been visiting the rescue puppy for weeks, and asked his wife Shayla to get the dog for him as a Christmas gift. He asked me maybe ten times,” said Shayla. “He is really in love with her.” The Thomassons had parked their car outside the Manhattan Village Shopping Center on Tuesday morning. Thieves jimmied a car door lock and made off with an iPad gift card and the dog. “It kind of felt like the world dropped,” says Shayla.The deaf puppy also had a canine companion named Bella, a terrier who could lead Harmony around. Bella was left behind by the robbers, and the family says she is depressed without Harmony.

The Thomasson family is now offering a $1,600 reward for Harmony’s safe return.“Whoever has her, just give her back,” says Patrick. “We won’t ask any questions.”

If you have seen her or know who has this missing puppy please call 310-350-0980 or 310-350-4124 – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Harmony the deaf puppy stolen from Manhattan Beach California

via Dog Missing / Pet Lost & Found Alert Group.


4 thoughts on “#Stolen #deaf #puppy in #ManhattanBeach #CA! #Boxer / #AmericanBulldog mix. PLZ RT! #Help!

  1. i pray that u get u’r wee girl back. i SO WISH u hadn’t left her in the car by herself….NOT A GOOD IDEA……..she’s a wee beauty n i will b praying that she will b returned 2 u. KNOW that u will get her back. DO NOT GIVE UP ON HER…..KEEP LOOKING. i pray whomever stole her will b very patient with n n remember that she’s just a baby AND she is deaf…..n please….when u get her back NEVER, EVER leave her in the car alone. bless u, Thomassons…….AND Harmony….

    • Hi Dru-

      This dog doesn’t belong to me. I was just helping spread awareness by posting it on my blog. It was posted on a Facebook page called Dog Missing / Pet Lost and Found Alert Group. Look it up and help get the word out about more missing pets! I too hope that this puppy is found safe.

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