#Found #dogs in #NorthLiberty #Iowa. #Help find the owners! PLZ RT!

Posted on the Iowa City Craigslist on Sunday, January 1.

Does anyone recognize these two dogs, found in North Liberty, Iowa

Found – 2 dogs (North Liberty)

Date: 2012-01-01, 2:28PM CST

Reply to: comm-qctnv-2778244733@craigslist.org

Found 2 pugs in North Liberty and did not have any tags on them. Please call 319-721-2408.


Found in North Liberty, Iowa

via Found – 2 dogs.


2 thoughts on “#Found #dogs in #NorthLiberty #Iowa. #Help find the owners! PLZ RT!

  1. Have these pugs found their owner(s)? Have you had them scanned to see if they are microchipped? We have assisted with pug rescue in the area and know a lot of pugs, but these two don’t look familiar. Please contact adudler@yahoo.com if we can be of assistance.

    • Hi Ann-
      I don’t actually know the person who found the pugs. I was just sharing to help spread awareness and hopefully find the owners. I haven’t heard if the owners have been found yet. I will do some investigating and let you know. If I can reach the person who has them, I will also tell her to contact you.

      Thanks for stopping by and watching out for all pugs!

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