My sick (and sad) birthday girl.

Mama feels awful for Izzy. She might be visiting her least favorite place today (the Vet).

You don’t look happy to be 2 years old!


2 thoughts on “My sick (and sad) birthday girl.

  1. Oh no – what is the matter with Izzy? She can’t be sick on her birthday! Poor little sweetie – hope you feel better and it is nothing serious. Gracie and I wish you a very Happy Birthday – wish we could be there to help you celebrate! Big hugs and kisses! luv you!

    • Oh Heidi, you are so sweet! Izzy has not been herself since last night! She threw up once in the evening (big deal, right? Dogs puke all the time). But then she woke up at 3am with dry heaves and chills. The chills lasted for hours! They really scared me! They finally stopped at around 11. She’s been lethargic since throwing up last night. I called the vet (was trying really hard not to take her there because she freaks out so much when visiting the vet). So just spoke over the phone with them. She hasn’t been drinking much- a little water off of my fingers. But I made chicken broth this afternoon and she really liked it so she drank some. Still lethargic. Not following me around. 😦 But I feel like she’s getting better since the chills have gone away.

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