#Northbrook #IL – #lost #yorkie! PLZ RT! It’s too cold for this little girl! #Find #Harlee! #dog #help

Note: This is not my dog. I am helping to spread awareness so that this dog can be returned to her home. – Juli

Cook County, Illinois.

Northbrook, Illinois.

PLEASE if you know anyone that lives in Northbrook in the area of Techny between Sanders and Landwehr, especially around Central, share this and ask them to look around their bushes, wood piles, up against the house where the sun shines- anywhere they think this Yorkie might be shielding herself from the cold. Her name is Harlee. Ask her if she wants to go for a ride!!

If you have any information about Harlee or if you have her, please call Kelly at 847-702-7223 or 815-276-2593. Email is kel.achenbach@gmail.com. 

Harlee is 12 years old and weighs only 10 pounds. She is wearing a collar with tags. She is very shy so if you see her, please don’t chase her! Call the numbers above ASAP to report sightings! She went missing on January 3, 2012.

Thank you in advance for your help!

via Kathy Hart.

Harlee missing from Northbrook Illinois


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