#Missing #woman from #Crawfordsville, #Iowa. PLZ RT! #Find Sharon Sojka Jopf!

Hi all-

I do not know this person and am just trying to help bring her back home safely. Will you please do the same by sharing this with everyone you know? She was last seen the morning of Thursday, January 5th at her home in Crawfordsville, Iowa. Reports also place her at 4 Corners Fuel in Ainsworth, Iowa at 8:55am (station cameras were not working at the time).

She is missing along with her car- a 1999 White Chevy Lumina, 4doors, licence plate 419 WXF.

If you have any information, even if you don’t think it’s that important, please contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 319-653-2107. 

Sharon is a wife, mother and friend to many. Please join the Facebook page set up for her: Help Us Find Sharon Sojka Hopf and PLEASE share this information with everyone!



Missing: Sharon Sojka Hopf from Crawfordsville, Iowa


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