REUNITED after 6 months! #Calee the #Pitbull is HOME!

It’s a miracle! This gives me hope for all of the others who are missing their lost dogs and cats.

Six months after Calee was seen taken by three people, she has been reunited with her family! How was she found? Interesting story. Someone saw a picture of a dog in a shelter that looked just like Calee. Turned out that it wasn’t Calee but CALEE WAS ACTUALLY THERE IN THAT SHELTER!! What are the odds? Two dogs that look almost identical to each other??? Yep.

Here’s Calee, the cutie, and they are all celebrating tonight. No news as to where Calee has been these past six months. If you want to read some celebratory comments to put you in a happy mood, visit Calee’s Facebook page.

Calee the Pitbull is HOME HOME HOME!


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