Their work gives life to our pets! I love @OrthoPets! These pictures will make you smile!

I love OrthoPets! The pictures on their Facebook page make me smile. They give animals LIFE by fitting them with prosthetics. To me, they are miracle workers! Here’s the story of one of their patient’s. But be sure to look at their Facebook page to see happy pets!

A special Chihuahua mix from Fort Worth was born to run

Posted Friday, Jan. 06, 2012


Special to the Star-Telegram

The ears get your attention first. Next, you notice the different-colored eyes: one a piercing ice blue and the other dark brown.

When you meet Vespa, you expect to see a puppy playfully running. But she hops, and then stands upright like a Texas kangaroo.

That’s when her special nature becomes apparent. Vespa has no front legs.

But, believe me, it doesn’t slow her down.

I adopted Vespa from Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, an exceptionally well-run organization that makes sure its dogs find loving forever homes.

After losing my previous dog to a heart condition, I decided there was no better way to demonstrate my belief that all animals are worthy of love than to open my heart and home to one with special needs.

Instead of front legs, Vespa was born with little “chicken wings” that allow her to crawl or hop, but only on soft surfaces such as grass or carpet.

I wanted her world to be bigger than that, so I researched front wheels for dogs. (She was not a candidate for prosthesis). Missing front limbs are a much bigger challenge than missing or injured back limbs, as it turns out.

I tracked down OrthoPets, a group out of Denver that specializes in making animals more mobile.

Vespa and I flew to Denver, where the pros there made a mold of her chest and attached her perfectly fitted “vest” to wheels. Back home, I worked with her to stretch out her legs and help her learn to run.

And the door to that bigger world opened for my sweet Vespa.

Editor’s note: Brenda Jones and photographer Ron T. Ennis, both of Fort Worth, share in the care of Vespa, a year-old Chihuahua mix.

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