#EnglishBulldog #missing in #Shorewood #IL! Seen with female near #Walgreens. PLZ RT! #Help #find #Ernie!


Happy Friday! Let’s keep the momentum going and start today off by telling everyone you know that Ernie is missing from Sherwood, Illinois!! You say you’ve already shared? What, you can’t share again?? I’ve shared many times- we have to be persistent and keep putting it out there for everyone to know that Ernie has not yet been found! So please share again today! I’ll post updates as I get them. Thanks for helping! Imagine if this were your dog- you’d appreciate others sharing this information! Have a good Friday!


Bully friends, dog, cat, turtle, parrot, guinea pig, and any other kind of friend… PLEASE do what you can to help bring this missing guy home! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

Ernie is a neutered English Bulldog, 3 years old, missing from Shorewood, Illinois. There have been a handful of sightings on 2-1-2012 and 2-2-2012 of Ernie with a woman at the Walgreens on Route 52 and River Road, out walking near the Walgreens, and in a housing development near the Walgreens.

If you live nearby, they are asking for volunteers to help do a search on foot Saturday, February 4, 9am. Meet at Ernie’s home: 125 Ryan Lane, Shorewood. If you are able to help that day- you are AWESOME!!! They will really appreciate it! In addition, please share this with everyone you know!

If you don’t live in the area, please share this with everyone you know!! The more who know about Ernie, the better his chances of finding his way home!

Thank you for your help!

Ernie from Shorewood Illinois


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