#Shorewood #IL is on the lookout for #missing #EnglishBulldog #Ernie! PLZ RT! #Reward

Ernie’s been missing since January 28- tomorrow is exactly one week. He’s a 3 year old English Bulldog– a neutered male- living in Shorewood Illinois. The community there has been great about spreading the word and keeping an eye out for him. There have been sightings of him as well. But we can’t stop sharing this information until Ernie is HOME!

Please share this flyer! Tweet, it post it on your wall on Facebook, email it, post it on your blog, etc. Just DO something!

Be sure to follow Ernie’s story on his facebook page!


Help Find Ernie


8 thoughts on “#Shorewood #IL is on the lookout for #missing #EnglishBulldog #Ernie! PLZ RT! #Reward

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