#AmericanBulldog in #Providence #RI #missing! PLZ RT! Since Dec 2011, may be living with someone else.

Missing American Bulldog in Providence, Rhode Island!

From the Facebook page of Bring MACK Back:

Our baby boy Mack has been missing since 12/29/11. He was last seen 1/7/12 around 5/5:30pm being walked by a white male on Dexter Street in Providence, RI. There is a $1,000 REWARD for his safe return home!! If you see him please call us at 401-486-3759. And, if possible follow him to find the address where he is being kept. We just want him home where he belongs! Both Providence and Cranston Animal Control/police are aware he is missing. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your help!!

Bridget & Warren


Update posted on Mack’s Facebook page 2/4/2012:

Good news!!! Mack was seen Wednesday night around 7:30-8pm at silver lake pizza in providence. He was with a man who looked to be spanish..& was outside on a leash while the man waited for his order. The pizza place is aware & have a flyer..we are planning on going around the area this weekend to see if we can find him. Please tell everyone you know to keep an eye out for him & please tell them to ‘like’ our page!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

Bring Mack Back


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