Celebrating his homecoming! #Ernie the #EnglishBulldog is home! #bestdayever

What a wonderful day it is for Ernie the English Bulldog, his family, and the tight community that formed to bring him home!

If you aren’t following his Facebook page already, you need to! The comments on the wall are powerful! I’m not sure of the full story as to how Ernie was able to get home- only a couple of brief posts have been made so far. It’s been implied that someone found Ernie and decided to keep him (likely for the reward). There were so many sightings of Ernie in the Shorewood, Illinois community this past week that I guess they were able to find where he was. Don’t quote me on that- that’s just what I’m gathering from the posts on his Facebook page. 

They did give the reward money ($2,000) to the man who had him. 

First of all, you know that a true dog/animal lover wouldn’t have accepted the money. They would have tried to find Ernie’s home to get him back where he belongs. 

Secondly, Ernie’s family doesn’t have $2,000 to give as a reward! They borrowed the money from someone and are taking donations to pay the money back. If you can donate anything (and I DO MEAN ANYTHING), click here! 

If you can only give $5, please do it! It WILL make a difference! Every little bit will help! And think about what it would be like to be in their shoes. If we all chip in what we can, no one goes broke and everyone is fine. Please consider giving something! 

Here’s a picture of Ernie, his other dog sibling, and parents (I assume). They look so thrilled to have him back at home! Congratulations to everyone involved! Even if you weren’t close enough to go and help search for him this morning… if you shared any of my posts or their Facebook posts, you helped! You made a difference! – Juli

Ernie from Shorewood Illinois is HOME!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating his homecoming! #Ernie the #EnglishBulldog is home! #bestdayever

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