Raised $1,580 for #Ernie ‘s ransom. Still need $420! Can you donate $5 or $10?

I’ve been posting about Ernie all day but there is still so much excitement about his return that I can’t help but share the excitement too! 

Ernie’s parents have paid the reward/ransom- whichever way you choose to interpret the story. But the money wasn’t theirs- it belonged to their Aunt (what a great lady!). So they need to pay her back. So many people were asking to donate earlier this week so an account was set up for people to do so. 

We only have $420 left to raise! What an incredible group of people who have come together to help find Ernie and to help with the reward. If you haven’t done so already, can you afford to give $5? You may not think it would make a difference but it really will! 

Click here to donate through a secured account set up through PayPal. 

Below are links from earlier posts I’ve made, including the story of how Ernie was returned. He’s safe and sound and sleeping in his own home tonight! YEAH! 

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give- even if the only way that you can help is just by sharing this with others! – Juli



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