#Volunteers gather at 9am this morning to look for #Ernie , the #lost #EnglishBulldog in #Shorewood #IL! PLZ RT!

Today’s the day that Ernie will be found and come back home where he belongs! How do I know that? Because his Facebook page has over 1,100 friends- many who have helped get the word out to everyone in Shorewood, Illinois, and surrounding areas. There have been sightings of Ernie at the Walgreens on Route 52 and River Road earlier this week too. They are right on his tail.. wherever he is.

If you would like to help with the search today, they are meeting at Ernie’s house, 125 Ryan Lane in Shorewood.

Thanks for all who have helped spread the word about Ernie, those who have helped pass out flyers, those who have made phone calls, etc. I will be watching his Facebook page today so that I can read the great news that he’s been found! – Juli

Ernie from Shorewood Illinois


6 thoughts on “#Volunteers gather at 9am this morning to look for #Ernie , the #lost #EnglishBulldog in #Shorewood #IL! PLZ RT!

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