Special needs #Chihuahua hit by car, had spinal surgery. Needs help paying bill and looking for home! PLZ RT!

This Chihuahua needs help! Either a donation or a home!

Lambchop’s story comes from Facebook:


St. Louis, MO“LAMBCHOP”, chihuahua hit by car needs help!!!

Lambchop is a white chihuahua, approximately 3 years old, who was hit by a car,

and picked up by an IL animal control over the weekend. Had the

volunteers not scooped her up, and rushed her to the vet, she likely would not

have survived through the weekend.



Lambchop lay still on her Kuranda bed, and the volunteers initially thought she

was dead. When the volunteer carried her limp body to the car, she lifted her

head and squinted at the sun, as if to say, “someone finally came for me”. In

the car ride to the vet, the volunteer petted her head gently, and rubbed her

ears, and Lambchop slowly lifted her head up with a gaze that simply said,

“thank you”.



Immediately upon arrival at the vet, she was administered pain meds, put on

fluids and xrays were taken. She was in such an extreme state of shock, and

brain damage was starting to occur. The vet believed she was suffering from

hypothermia and heat exhaustion in addition to her injuries. Her xrays show that

she has a fracture in her spine and a dislocated hip. Her body is severly

bruised. Lambchop’s prognosis was not good. The vet suggested we keep her

hospitalized to monitor her and to keep her comfortable. Euthanasia crossed

everyone’s mind. But, in the car, the volunteer promised Lambchop that they

would do whatever it took to spare her life, and if she was struggling too much,

that they would put her to rest in peace.


Lambchop has improved slightly. Now that she is no longer in shock, her body is

feeling a tremendous amount of pain. Her brain is looking good, and she is

alert. She is eating and drinking, although she cannot move. The volunteer went

to visit her, and Lambchop seemed to remember her. Even though she was in

excruciating pain, she lifted her head to greet her.



After 3 days of hospitalization, stabilizing and some healing, the volunteers

had to make a choice. We had to decide whether to put her out of her misery, or

giving her a chance at living a good life. We opted for her to have surgery. We

made a promise to her, and if there was a glimmer of hope for her, we were going

to take it.



Lambchop goes into surgery today, to attempt to repair her horrific injuries. It

is a risk, as in any other surgery, but we have to at least try. She has already

put up such a fight, and has such a will to live, that we are hoping that she

will pull through and begin her recovery process. If all goes well, she will

ultimately need an adopter or rescue to step up for her.



We have gotten a rough estimate for all of her medical expenses including her

hospitalization and surgery. As of now, we are looking at $1,500 for everything,

which is including a significant discount. We were not going to let cost

determine the value of her life, so we are asking for help! No donation is too

small, and we ask that you share this with anyone who may be able to help.

Please join us and Lambchop in the fight for her life!! Thank you in advance for

any help you can offer her. Please pray for a successful surgery!!



Donations can be made to:

Stephanie Meacham Rescue Account

Brentwood Banfield

#62 Brentwood Promenade Court

Brentwood, MO 63144

(314) 963-9805




Stephanie Meacham






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