#Clinton #Iowa #missing male #cat! PLZ RT! #Help find #Jasper!

From the Facebook page of Animal Resource Foundation:

Missing Cat

Clinton, Iowa

Hi, We are missing our …cat Jasper.

He accidentally got out on November 30 in the dark. He is a male, neutered and front declawed. He is a very big cat, white with brown tabby on his head back and tail. He has a baseball sized brown spot on his left side. He is very friendly.

He was lost in Clinton Iowa by the high school. We have searched everywhere and put up hundreds of signs. We are checking our local humane society daily.  We have a continuing ad in the newspaper. We’ve been on dozens of searches called in from caring people in our community, and the cats we find are never Jasper. We are just sick missing him. I thought maybe if I email his picture to all the surrounding animal shelters and rescues like yours we might find him. Perhaps someone turned him into a shelter.

If you have any other suggestions also how to find him that would be wonderful. We were going to do the petamberalert, but wasn’t sure if it was a scam or not. Please also forward his photo to any shelter or friends to get our word out farther. If you would please email or phone us if he comes to your shelter, or please forward this to anyone you know it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help and for taking care of homeless animals!

Thanks again Terri & Brad Seibel (563)212-0680.

Jasper missing from Clinton, Iowa

Other suggestions:

Amber Alert for Pets

Iowa Lost and Found Pet Alert

Lost Cats of Illinois

The Center for Lost Pets

Petfinder– from the home page, search for your missing cat in case it has been found and someone has put it up for adoption.

Find Toto – lost dog, cat or missing pet Amber Alert phone messaging system.

AkeKee on Facebook- they are a partner of Oliver Alert (Oliver Alert is currently down due to changes they are making on their site- they are asking that people post to AkeKee for the time being). AkeKee’s website.

Craigslist– put up posts for your town and surrounding towns under Community, LOST AND FOUND

Facebook- create your own page called “Help Find Jasper” and start sharing that page with everyone you know, all the shelters you know who are on Facebook, and all other organizations on Facebook who might be of help.

Cat Profiler (fee based service)

Missing Pet Partnership– has good information on displaced cats and tips to find them.


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