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From the Facebook group Troopers for “TROOPER”:

Cat frozen to the ground and left there over night..

We (SCAPA Sanctuary) got a call early this afternoon about an injured cat in Stephenville Crossing, Newfoundland, Canada.

They said that this cat was in their driveway since last evening and hasn’t move.They thought his 2 back legs were broken.I told her i would be there shortly ,that i didn’t have my truck but would call the volunteer to bring it to me asap.

Within minutes we were on our way to get the cat.I notified the vet about the situation and they were waiting for us to bring in the cat. Dear God,, this is what we found.

He hissed at us when we first walked up to him so we placed some food down for him and that was when we realized how bad the situation was. Both back legs,feet,tail and backside were FROZEN solid into the ice. He couldn’t move. We yelled at the people to bring buckets of warm water to melt the ice. It took several large buckets of warm water to free him.We then wrapped him in a large warm blanket and headed to the vet as fast as we could.

This poor cat spent all last evening,over night and morning frozen to the ground in that driveway.While that family slept in their warm beds.They told us that they called AC and the town but no one would come out. And they didn’t call me until early this afternoon.

He is now at the vet clinic. At this point it is unsure what other injuries he may have. Trooper (is the name the vet gave him) is warming up and resting at the clinic. TROOPER survived all one evening, night and morning frozen to the ground. He has the will to live but he is going to need help with his medical care if he needs surgery. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow and we will keep everyone updated. Trooper fought to stay alive even with everything he had to endure so i am begging you to show him that there are people out there who care .If/when he has to have surgery please help with donations for his care. Trooper has spent last night in hell. Please say a prayer for Trooper that he pulls through.

Note from Kissbeep: visit the blog of the SCAPA Sanctuary for updates and photos of Trooper and his caretakers. 

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February 22, 2012 from The Examiner: 

Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada:  On February 15th the story of sweet little Trooper, a cat found frozen to a driveway was published here.  Sadly, the news about Trooper is not as positive as everyone hoped it would be and is now serious.  It has been reported at the Facebook group “Troopers for Trooper” and by bothThe Guardian and CBC News that Trooper may have neurological damage and may have to have one of his back legs amputated.  (Source.)

When Trooper was found, it was believed he had spent at least 18 hours frozen to a driveway after apparently having been hit by a car.  It is now believed it was closer to over 24 hours that this precious boy had to endure the freezing cold and the pain from the pelvic fractures he suffered from the accident.

Trooper the cat frozen to the ground

It took buckets and buckets of warm water on this already-shivering and terrified boy to free him from that icy prison.  He was gently removed from the ice and immediately taken to see a doctor, where 3 pelvic fractures were discovered.  He was having difficulty moving his hind legs, but it was thought that when his body finally warmed up, this would improve.

Initially it was believed the pelvic fractures would heal with cage rest and pain medications.  However, last week Trooper was flown to Prince Edward Island to the Charlottetown’s Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC), since it was felt he needed surgery to repair the pelvic fractures.

Sadly, the reports now are that frostbite took its toll on Troopers leg and he also appears to be incontinent.  While he had no injuries to that leg from being hit by a car, spending over 24 hours frozen to the driveway and unable to move allowed frostbite to set in and the lower part of his leg is now in badly damaged.  In quotes from the article published by The Guardian on February 21st:

“Vet college staff completed examinations and assessments of Trooper Tuesday, confirming serious frostbite on one of his back legs, multiple pelvic fractures and nerve damage affecting his bladder.  He now faces the possibility of a leg amputation or even end-of-life options by the end of this week. ”  (Source.)

The sad reality for Trooper is that if his neurological deficits do not improve and his bladder function does not return, a decision may have to be made to humanely euthanize this precious boy.  That is a heartbreaking turn of events, considering how hopeful everyone was at the outset of all of this.

Donations are needed to help cover the ever-rising costs of Trooper’s medical care.  If you would like to donate towards his care, a Chip-In for donations can be accessed here or at the link provided below.  So far donations have been coming in from around the world as far away as Australia, demonstrating yet again the generosity of compassionate advocates everywhere for an animal in need.

One has to wonder how many people saw little Trooper frozen to that driveway and simply ignored him or chose to just turn a blind eye and walk away.  No one will ever know how much of his medical problems could have been avoided if someone had just taken the time to help him, or at the very least asked for help in getting this precious boy out of the ice before he had to spend those horrible hours frozen to the ground.  Now he is in a fight for his very life.

Keep fighting to get better sweet Trooper.  Advocates are all pulling for you from all around the world, hoping to see you get better and stronger and one day hear the news that you are healed and adopted into a new loving forever home, to be loved and cherished forever.

Click here for the Chip-In for Trooper’s medical expenses.

Click here to join the Facebook group “Troopers for Trooper” to get updates on this precious boy.

Click here for the prior February 15th article about Trooper.

Trooper the cat, fighting for his life

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Note from Kissbeep:
Even though Trooper has been in GREAT care, that care isn’t exactly free! I’m sure those professionals helping with him have donated much of their own time but the cost of supplies needs OUR help! Here’s how you can do that:

1. Call the Humber Vet Clinic in Corner Brook at 709-634-3537
2. Donate to Trooper’s Chipin
3. Make a paypal donation or email a money transfer to email address janh1@nl.rogers.com

And please share this information with your network!


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