Update on Hope and Faith, the #FrenchBulldogs abandonded in #Houston #TX. They are doing better! PLZ RT!

Houston, Texas.

This update is from the Facebook page of Short Mugs Rescue Squad:

Just got off the phone with our vet and the metal object did pass completely according to a new x-ray!! No surgery for Hope. It looks like a piece of metal crate. They are letting us take them home tomorrow evening! Faith has had her antibiotic injections so she has no meds going home with her. Hope will be on some supplements and pancreatic meds. Her PCV volume is still low 27 and normal range is 37-55, but it has gone up 2% from yesterday so should improve each day. We will recheck it next week. Once we get them home we promise better pictures. Now it is just lots of TLC to help them regain strength and weight.

Hope and Faith

From Kissbeep:
Please continue to pray and send your love to these two precious girls! They still need OUR support to help with their care! If you are able to donate anything (yes- even a dollar!), please do so!


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