REUNITED! #Dog #stolen in Aug from #AL #found in #GA! THX 2 SHARING! #miracleshappen

Stolen from Valley Grande, Alabama in August, 2011. 

Found in Georgia, February 2012. 

It’s a miracle!

The power of the social network is HUGE! 



From the incredibly great people at Lost Paws Finder:

This is why we share!! This is the sweetie we shared who was FOUND in Georgia and we came to find out he was actually missing from Alabama..Now, he is on his way back home to Alabama,WOOHOO!!

A note from his owner: My baby was stolen from me in August of 2011 from Valley Grande, Al. He was found in Georgia. Thanks to people sharing his picture on Facebook I was able to find him. Thank you everyone who shared his picture!! It was because of you he’s headed back home to Alabama!

Dog stolen in AL and found in GA six months later


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