UPDATE: REUNITED with owners! Original post: #Stolen!! #Blind #pitbull in #Ventura #CA! PLZ RT! We have to #help this #dog!

Update: Saturday, February 25, 2012

According to Love of Fur Babies, this dog has been found and reunited with his owners. He was found in a local shelter. I don’t know any other information. He’s SAFE! 



From the Facebook page of Love of Fur Babies: 

This lil guy was stolen out of a friend of a friend’s car in Ventura, CA while he was inside buying dog food.

His name is Ray, and Ray is BLIND.

This pic is older and Ray is a little bigger now but hopefully that doesn’t deter the search too much!

If you see or hear anything let ME know ASAP!

Also if you could please share this it would be very appreciated!

By: Messica Shain Mixon

via Love of Furbabies – Pet Page.

Ray the blind stolen pit bull from Ventura California


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