ReTweet this PLEASE!! #Pomeranian in #Pinckard #AL killed. Who did this?! #Help! PLZ RT!

The owner of this dog reached out to me for help. She needs to know who killed her beloved dog, Smokey. I don’t blame her. Wouldn’t you also want to know who killed YOUR dog? The thought of it happening to me makes me feel like I’ve been gutted.

Please read Kay’s story below and then please do something to help her! Someone out there knows something. The person who did this most likely bragged to someone else about it. What do you know?

Smokey killed in Pinckard Alabama

Pinckard, Alabama.

From Kay Johnson:

“My Pomeranian, Smokey went missing on the morning of Oct. 14, 2011!! He was found on Feb. 21, 2012 in a 55 gallon drum of sludge and filth. The drum is located in front of the DAI building in downtown Pinckard on Hwy 134. I have a $500 reward for information leading to the capture and prosecution of the culprit/s!

Contact 334-648-4754 0r Harvey Mathis at 334-774-2335 / 334-774-3114!”

Dog friends, again, please help! Please share this today with your network! PLEASE! If this were your dog, you’d want the world to help you find who did this! Do what you can, PLEASE!

I made this flyer in case it’s easier for you to share with others. I’m doing what I can to make it super easy to share so please share it!

Who Killed Smokey Flyer


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