Do you recognize this #EnglishBulldog??? #Columbus #Ohio #Help

Columbus, Ohio.

Have you seen this English Bulldog? Her name is Queenifer and she’s been missing since August 2011. She is missed DEARLY by her family who has been searching all over for her. If you recognize her, please contact Queenie’s mom at the number on the flyer. Or maybe YOU adopted her? If so, it’s possible that someone sold her to you as their own dog. Whatever the situation, please just contact the Queenie’s mom. Not knowing what’s happened to her has been a living hell. There IS a reward and you can remain anonymous- NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Please share with your network! Being gone as long as she has, she could be anyway.

Queenifer Lopez

Additional photos:

Queenifer Lopez

Queenifer Lopez

Queenie missing from Columbus Ohio


3 thoughts on “Do you recognize this #EnglishBulldog??? #Columbus #Ohio #Help

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  2. Hi. This is @KIdsAreHeroes from Twitter. I wanted to make sure you got this message. I am leaving it here because you blocked me on Twitter. Anyway, the tweet that comes from us in your Twitter stream comes once a day because whether you realized it at the time or not you signed up for it. To stop the donated tweets you must go to, log in w/ Twitter and click Stop Supporting. I can’t do it for you. Hope that helps you. 🙂

    • Hi Gabe
      Thank you for explaining this to me! I didn’t realize that it automatically tweets daily. I’m ok with that- now that I know! I was thinking someone hacked my account! I’m happy to continue to show support now that I know my accounts weren’t hacked. Sorry for the misunderstanding! I thank you for reaching me through here to explain!!

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