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“Repeat offenses of animal cruelty crimes are a rule, not an exception.”                        – Pet Abuse website

Animal abuse is not just the result of a minor personality flaw in the abuser—it is a symptom of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty toward animals rarely stop there; many of them move on to their fellow humans. “


This is a disturbing case of animal cruelty that occurred only 20 minutes away from my home last week. And of course whomever is responsible, has not been caught.

Dogs in Cedar Rapids Iowa killed by laced tacos

I don’t know much about this story other than what is printed above and that this happened while the owners weren’t home. They had two of their cars parked in the driveway at the time of the crime which, I would think, would deter criminals from robbing the house (unless they intended to harm the humans in there too??). So did the suspects know that the owners were gone? And if so, how did they know that? Do they know the owners somehow?

I’m not sure what the meaning is behind “would-be robbery.” So they must not have gone through with the robbery but how do we know that was the intent? I wish I knew those answers.

If you have any information to help with this investigation, please call the number on the flyer.

Animal cruelty crimes done by shooting or poisoning are often never solved. Will this be another one of those cases where the criminals won’t be caught and so they’ll continue to abuse animals and likely humans too? When will it stop? Who will stop it?

You can look up animal cruelty cases by state here but keep in mind that there is animal cruelty happening all over that doesn’t get reported.



Day 19. Looking for young couple in #IowaCity area who stole #Monty. #help #pug #chihuahua #beagle #IA #dog #missing

Still no Monty.
Not giving up.
In fact, I’m working harder.
He WILL be found.
And so will the couple who stole him.
You don’t steal dogs.

Day 19 Where's Monty

Day 19 Where's Monty?

Coralville, IA
March 10, 2012
Monty was stolen from Woofables by a young male and female couple. He was only 3 months and 12 pounds at the time of his abduction. He has brindle coloring- black, dark brown and flecks of gold.

A bitter sweet day. RIP #Sarge. #EnglishBulldog #Toronto #Ontario #ShaunaBlack

Today the Search for Sarge comes to a bitter sweet end in Toronto, Ontario. On what would be his 5th birthday, his body was found. He has been missing since January 6, 2012 and his owner, Shauna Black, had worried about the possibility of him falling through ice into frigid waters below and today her worry was confirmed. He had in fact fallen through the ice and drown in the icy waters.

Shauna has a way with words that can make you feel exactly how she feels. On January 20 she wrote:

“Two weeks ago, I let Sarge out for a pee on the deck. Two minutes later he was gone. His footsteps led me out off the rocky peninsula, and onto the lake. The lake was very thin, broken through in places. Places where his footsteps ended. I dug through the water. I howled. I feel sorry for the half-dozen + folks who were on my speed dial, I’m sure I didn’t sound human. 30 minutes later the cops showed and pointed out more footsteps leading to more broken puddles. Was he standing right to my left watching me while I was wailing? Were those footsteps even his? Every psychic, intuitive, dog conversationalist, dream interpreter has kept me hoping/terrified with graphic stories of struggles, caves, warm cars, fields, “he’s waiting for you”… it just gets worse. If he made it across the water, it’s a miracle. If he survived sub-zero temperatures wet in the woods, why did so many people not find him? SHAUNA WE LOOKED EVERYWHERE. I had to come home I just had to. This isn’t getting any easier. Having lunch with my old boss who owes me a bottle of Veuve Cliquot from a stupid football bet he made. Then faxes to more shelters & vets. Dinner with Steven & Duke. Another day without my boy to strut down Yonge Street.”

On January 28 she wrote:

“Whole years of joy glide unperceived away, while sorry counts the minutes as they pass.”

If he belly-flopped into the freezing water while chasing a chipmunk, I pray he went fast with dreams of his kill. My little rock star. Is his chunky body is found today, I can bring him home. If he’s drifting… I pray he is not forgotten and recovered in the spring when the lake thaws. If someone picked him up on the road, I pray he’s not thinking I abandoned him and is being treated like the king of dogs until he is returned to me, or we find him. I pray I am granted the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change. I pray I will believe that I did everything I could. I pray the days get easier. Oh my boy. I miss you so much. “The misery of keeping a dog is his dying so soon. But to be sure, if he lived for fifty years then died, what would become of me?” It’s not getting any easier, but my god the LOVE you have shown. The love I have in me. People are good. I’m forever changed for the better. Thank you. Please send us good thoughts for a safe day.” 

Her pain flowed through my blood on February 3rd:

“Okay. I’m okay. One month today. Four weeks. 28 days. Ups & downs. Ups are higher, downs are lower but the shock has worn off & I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Drinking too much smoking too much laughing a lot crying a lot. What can I do? Thank you groundhog. Happiest when with friends. Breathing. Sleeping in my bed. Looking at his face. Spending time alone. Bit all my nails off. Catching up on Cori Street. ow. ow. Okay. I’m okay. I’m going to be okay. Go Pats.” 

Today she has closure and can be at peace that Sarge is not suffering but instead playing with the rest of our furry angels in heaven. Both Shauna and Sarge left an imprint on my heart and I don’t even know them. I’ll never forget them and feel as though I’ve lost someone really special today too.

RIP Sarge!

If you’ve seen this less than 10 times today, then you haven’t seen it enough. #lostdog #dog #Iowa

Sick of seeing Monty flyers yet? Frankly, I don’t think you’re seeing them enough! And the only way you’ll stop seeing these is when Monty is home.

Monty was stolen from the store where his parents work and own on March 10, 2012 in Coralville, IA. A young male and female couple were giving Monty extra attention, petting him and even holding him. Then he was gone and so was the couple.

Monty is a Pug, Chihuahua, Beagle mix. He weighed just 12 pounds and was 3 months old when he was abducted. He has beautiful brindle coloring- black, dark brown and flecks of gold.

What kind of people would steal a dog? In my opinion? Very sick people. People with absolutely no morals and with only themselves in mind. People who have no empathy and who feel entitled to whatever they want.

How mad would you be if your dog was stolen right out of your yard? Or from inside your home? Monty was stolen right out in front of others in a STORE! In a DOG TREAT BAKERY STORE, nonetheless.

Can you imagine the heart break that this family is feeling? His owners have four children who are having a difficult time understanding this. How do you explain something like this to children?

The Coralville Police Department is helping with the investigation and if this couple is caught, charges will be brought against them. But if this couple turns Monty in at the safe drop-off spot- Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital in Iowa City– then they can get off scott free. No questions asked. Which would you do? It’s a no-brainer but I personally feel that if you’re capable of stealing a dog, then you probably aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with and we can’t expect you to suddenly start making logical decisions.

Sense some hostility from me? You better believe it! I’m HOT! I’m on FIRE! Stealing a dog is like tripping an old lady- YOU DON’T DO IT! EVER! This is the work of two low-life individuals. I’m not worried though because we’ll find them and when we do, I’ll let you all know who they are so that you can avoid hiring them, renting to them, working with them or being friends with them (obviously you can’t trust them with your friendship- they will rob you blind). Or they can turn Monty into the safe drop-off and I’ll never know who they are and we’ll all go on with our lives. Happily.

So if you want to stop seeing these Monty flyers that I post daily on every social media outlet I have, you have the power to do so! SHARE MONTY’S FLYERS TILL YOU’RE BLUE IN THE FACE SO THAT THE COUPLE WHO STOLE HIM HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO GIVE UP AND RETURN HIM! Then you’ll never see a Monty flyer again. 🙂 Ready? Here’s the newest flyer- let’s blast the midwest with it! Oh- and go to Help Find Monty on Facebook. Let’s get this done together.

Give Monty Back!

Give Monty Back!

Day 14- still #missing! #IowaCity #Coralville #NorthLiberty #IA @ataylorataylor

The weekend is here which means families will be outside with their dogs (weather permitting, of course). Please keep Monty in your mind as you see other dogs outside too. If you think you see him, call your local police department and let them know he was stolen from a dog store in Coralville, Iowa.

Many thanks to all of my friends for sharing this flyer every single day! I can’t thank you enough for your support!

Please follow our search for Monty on Facebook: Help Find Monty. – Juli

Day 12- #Monty could be anywhere. @ataylorataylor #dog #missing #stolen #Coralville #IowaCity #NorthLiberty #IA #Help

Have you ever thought how you would feel if your dog was stolen? Have you thought about what you’d do?

As you know, Monty is not my dog. He belongs to a family that lives in my community and they own Woofables– a gourmet dog treat bakery. Woofables is where I get Izzy’s birthday cakes that she loves so much!

Izzy's birthday cake from Woofables

Izzy's birthday cake from Woofables

Seriously, the cakes smell soooo good and the frosting is made with real cream cheese (if you didn’t already know- cream cheese makes the world go ’round)- believe me, the dog cake tempts me! I digress…

I didn’t know Alex or Laura (Monty’s parents) before he was stolen although I had met Alex twice at community events. But it was more like a fan (me) meeting a celebrity (Alex) because of my infatuation with dogs so I’m sure he wouldn’t know who I am if I stood right in front of him! That’s ok- I don’t mind!

Since August, I’ve been trying to blog about lost and stolen dogs around the country, helping to spread awareness about them so they can be found and returned home. So it was a no-brainer when I got a post on my Facebook from a friend telling me about Monty’s abduction- I was all over it.

And though I don’t know Alex and Laura or the family or even Monty, I feel like Monty is MY dog! I take this abduction personally and am determined to find him. Part of me is still in disbelief that there are humans that could actually do such a thing but then I have to remind myself that there are many humans who do horrible things every second of every day. This, though, is way too close to home.

Why would you steal a puppy? Can you not afford to adopt one? Were you denied adoption by a pet agency? Were you just completely selfish and not thinking and decided that you had to have him? There’s no excuse good enough to justify stealing a dog. None. Unless it was your own to begin with.

There’s a reward for Monty’s safe return or for a tip that leads to his safe return. How will the couple return him without it being obvious that they are the ones who stole him? Ya know what? It doesn’t matter. They don’t care who you are- they just want Monty to be back home. Take the stinkin’ money and bring the dog back home! Call Woofables from a public phone somewhere and tell them you’ll be there in one second to pick up your reward and drop Monty off- then you have nothing to be afraid of because there won’t be enough time to call the police on you. They want Monty back more than they want you to pay for what you’ve done so they wouldn’t risk calling the police on you like that.

Because I’m taking this whole thing to heart, if I have anything to do with it, I will turn the couple into the police if we find out who they are and they haven’t yet returned Monty. They can make this whole thing better by doing the right thing. It’s in their hands. Avoid charges by returning the dog AND getting a friggn’ cash bonus OR don’t return Monty and we find you and we press charges. Let’s see… 1+ 1 = 2. Simple math. Do the right thing.

For those of you who didn’t steal Monty or any other dog, please help us find him by sharing this flyer. I know many of you have shared this flyer many, many times and yes, I’m asking that you share it yet again. Until Monty is home, we have to continue to spread the word every single day!

Please follow us on Monty’s Facebook page, Help Find Monty.

Thanks, friends, for allowing me to rant. These things keep me up at night. -Juli

Help Find Monty

Help Find Monty


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#Pitbull #stolen in #Piedmont #SC! Have description of suspects! Do u know them? #dogs #missing #help

From the Facebook page, Mission is Missing:

“Mission was stolen from his kennel Jan 31st around 5pm in Piedmont, SC. Clara Bair (Mission’s Mommy) is absolutely devastated!!! She left for a couple hours only to return to find her precious baby missing. The kennel was lifted up and propped up onto the kennel beside it (because the door was padlocked) and Mission was dragged out from under it. (there are long claw marks on the concrete indicating so)

A neighbor spotted a army green 90’s model Jeep Cherokee who pulled up. A white woman about of medium build, with shoulder length light brown wavy hair, got out with a almond brown dog on a leash and went to the front door. When no one answered she motioned to the vehicle and 2 white men with hats on (one had a long goatee or beard) got out and one lifted the kennel and the other pulled Mission out and stuffed him into the back of the jeep. The woman then let the brown dog off the leash to run free and got in the car and left. This happened at 5PM yesterday. Please be on the look out for this vehicle and persons of this description.

A report has been filed with the police and the dognapper will be prosecuted!


ANYONE WITH INFO IS BEING ASKED TO CALL JASMINE AT 864-325-6028 or CLARA AT 864-525-6899 Thanks!!!”

Mission stolen in Piedmont South Carolina

Mission stolen in Piedmont South Carolina

Police Report#12000015161

Reporting officer was Nathaniel emily

(864) 271-5210 Greenville PD

This story makes me sick. When will people stop being evil?! It’s no wonder why I love dogs more than humans (no offense to those reading this who aren’t dog thieves). -Juli