Have you seen this #dog? Beautiful, white #AmericanBulldog from #Joplin #MO. Will you please share!??

This story tugs at my heart so much. Since the tornadoes swept through Joplin, Missouri last spring, I’ve followed this family in their search for their beloved dog, Hanah, a white American Bulldog. And yes, she’s alive! She was seen shortly after the destruction by someone who saw a black SUV pull up along side of her. The person even took a photo of her, not even realizing that she was a lost dog.

In my own online searches for lost dogs across the country, I have seen Hanah’s “lost” flyers everywhere! Hanah’s mom, Kari, and likely a team of supporters, have done an amazing job at getting the word out to the public about Hanah. So who has her?? Why has a year gone by and still Hanah isn’t home?

There is a reward for her safe return. It’s very likely that someone has taken her in as a stray, not realizing that she already had a family. Take a look at the flyer below. Do you recognize this beautiful girl? Can you help Kari and Hanah reunite? Join the search on Hanah’s Facebook page.

Bring Hanah Home

I was born and raised in Iowa and so I’m quite familiar with the fear that comes along with anticipating really bad weather. I’ve spent a lot of time in hallways and bathtubs and basements, waiting for the storm to pass. I worry the most about my dogs and what might happen to them if the storm is really bad and sweeps us away. Should they be in kennels or not? Should I tie them to me somehow? What do you do? When I think about the fear that likely went through both Kari and Hanah as the storm hit them, I get tears in my eyes. I can’t imagine it. I mean, I CAN imagine it but it’s too painful to even think about that I refuse to let myself continue to go there. I want Hanah to be found and brought back home where she belongs. I need a happy ending for this family!

Let’s do it!



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