Injured #dog rescued from #Detroit #MI streets looking 4 love/forever home. PLZ RT! @DPadd #Help

Wow. The kindness of strangers warms my heart! Sometimes I get frustrated with humans and prefer to be around dogs instead (as I’m sure most of you can relate). Then it’s times like this where I get overwhelmed with how kind people can be.

I’ll get to the details in a second but let me first tell you that this girl needs a foster home and then a permanent home. So after you read this and learn about Alex and her tough week, please share with your network of animal lovers so that Alex can continue on the right track. You can receive updates on Alex by going to the Facebook page of Save Ace.

Alex lived with two other dogs on the streets of Detroit, Michigan. Santa Flux, a person with a HUGE heart and an animal advocate, met these three dogs a couple of months ago and started coming daily with food and water for them.

On the daily visit Sunday, February 26, Santa noticed that Alex had some swelling on her face and became concerned. Santa called Melissa from Devoted Friends Animal Society, Inc., asking for help with Alex. Melissa came right away. They both knew that Alex needed to be seen by a veterinarian but, as we all know, it’s not that simple. Who will foot the bill? Who will be able to get her in right away? Who will take her home and care for her after treatment (if she receives treatment)?

Alex and her facial wound

Eventually a plan was put together and they were able to get Alex to the Better Life Canine Center where her absess was drained, she was given antibotics, pain meds, subcutaneous fluids and vaccinations, tests, etc. A chip-in was set up for her care and within 24 hours, they had $1,500! The itemized bill can be seen below:

Invoice for Alex from Detroit Michigan

Alex being rescued

It’s been two days since Alex was rescued by Santa and Melissa. She’s been poked and prodded and cared for with love- something she isn’t sure of quite yet. She doesn’t fully understand humans yet and isn’t completely trusting- YET. Melissa has been working with her on developing structure and a routine. They even had a moment of cuddling together. Alex is learning that certain body language will bring her good things.

A temporary foster home has been established (I don’t believe it’s Melissa) so that she can continue healing and continue a structured life with humans. Alex doesn’t show any pschological or physical trauma consistent with being used as a bait dog. Her absess is likely from a brief attack with another animal over food or other resources. She is accepting of sharing space with humans so that’s good! She’s curious, not completely trusting of humans but since she’s been seeing the good out of humans this week, she’s starting to let a bit of her guard down.

Alex resting


Alex is beautiful! And from what Melissa is reporting, she wants to be loved and she wants to give it back! She just  needs to feel comfortable first.

Please help find Alex a forever home. She likely will need to go to someone who’s had experience working with a dog that hasn’t been domesticated- but don’t quote me on that! Those are my words, not theirs! But please do what you can to get the word out about this good girl.


Sweet Alex

A very appreciative Alex, thanking everyone for caring so much about her! WOOF!


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