UPDATE! Buddy is safe and home! WHEW! Original post: #Dog #STOLEN from home in #SouthBend #IN! White 4door car w/ rust on pass. door. #BorderCollie / #Terrier mix.


Buddy’s home! Apparently it was a woman who took him. Buddy’s owner was outside getting the mail or taking out trash or something and had Buddy outside with him when the white car pulled up and took him. Buddy’s owner saw the person take the dog and tried yelling to get their attention but not luck. He even got into his own car to try and chase after the person who took Buddy but the car sped away too fast and was out of sight too soon. Late last night or very early this morning, they received a call from this woman saying she thought she had their dog. So she must have seen a flyer or something somewhere to get their phone number. Not sure- anyway, he’s home, he’s safe. Let’s move on to finding the next lost dog!



From the Facebook Group Find Buddy:

STOLEN 3:30 pm 3/1/12

South Bend, IN

Buddy was stolen at around 3:30pm today from his Quince Rd. address in South Bend. The vehicle was a White four door car with Rust on the passenger side door. The Vehicle headed north on Quince Rd. towards the Toll Road!

Buddy is a Border Collie Terrier mix. He’s mostly black with tan eyebrows and white paws. He is wearing a collar- it’s either black or blue (not sure which). He needs medication as he suffers from allergies.

PLEASE, if you know anything, call 574-234-3782.

And be sure to share this flyer with everyone you know!


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